Read what parents, family members, librarians and educators are saying about “Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?”

The author shows how adults can lose the ability to take time out to laugh and how laughing daily is something that children totally understand. Good lesson. Well written, good flowing dialog that flows poetic. Love the illustrations. Love the Tickle Bug.

— Denise Westcott, Librarian

My kindergarten students were delighted by this story! … Kids love to laugh and love to hear stories about tickling. The colorful pictures appeal to children of all ages. Could be used as part of a thematic unit about the zoo, or in conjunction with a visit to the zoo. I highly recommmend this book and hope to see many more from this author!

— Joan Oxman, Kindergarten Teacher

Mr. Mendelson came to my classroom and personally read this book to my students! They loved listening to the story! He was very animated and friendly, and the story kept their attention. Great book for elementary aged children!

— Mrs. R., 2nd Grade Teacher

This is a most delightful story for all young children. The children I’ve given it to have almost worn out the pages because they enjoy it so much. It’s a perfect gift! One 4 yr. old read the book 4 times on a cross country flight from San Francisco to Boston recently. He laughed and giggled the whole way. How’s THAT for entertainment? Happy children makes everyone happy!

— Betsy

Have You Seen the Tickle Bug? is an excellent book! Every night my 3 year old son is allowed to choose 2 books for me to read and one of them is always ‘Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?’. The pages are filled with vibrant colors and an entertaining story line. If you have a child or are around children, I would encourage you to buy this book!

— Ms. K., Parent